Privacy Policy

We do not; pass on, give away, sell, spam, make public, leave on a train seat, leave them in a taxi or divulge in any way shape or form any of your details.
Unless you specifically ask us to in the interests of networking with other musos and music making or music production type bods. We will always contact you to ask permission to pass on your details should we be asked for a specific set of skills or we will contact you ourselves in this respect. If you have any queries regarding privacy, please contact us.

Regarding recording. Any music or lyrics you have written are the express copyright of the copyright holder, and we hold no rights over this.
We cannot, without your express permission, send to anyone else or upload online any of your songs.
However, if one or more of our staff play or perform on one or more of your songs which are destined to be sold in the public domain, then please be aware that the recorded performance may entitled to claim on the PPL royalty. This is entitles you, the song writer or composer, the right to use that performance on your recording.

Terms & Conditions

Full terms and condidtions can be viewed here ► .

If you want to discuss your recording, or to arrange an appointment visit to the studios, please contact us